Air Cooled Chillers

Engineered for Lowest Total Cost

With a wide range of types, capacities and sustainable refrigerant options, YORK® is a leader in air-cooled chiller solutions. We engineer compact, energy-efficient chillers that are easy to maintain and are tailored to fit almost any application.

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YCIV Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller

150-400 TR (530-1,406 kW)

The YORK® YCIV Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller delivers superior control, industry-leading efficiency and quiet operation.

 Variable Speed Drive Power/Control Panel

 Semi-hermetic YORK® twin screw compressors

 Dedicated inverter for each compressor

Industry-leading Efficiency

At YORK®, we use the best in modern screw compressor design to bring you the YCIV Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller. This air-cooled screw chiller gives you all the benefits of traditional air-cooled chillers without the compromise – enjoy high energy efficiency, plus a quiet operation that occupants will appreciate. Variable speed drive produces 15-25% annual energy savings, IPLV as high as 15.2 EER, and up to 0.25 kW/TR reduction in energy use when replacing existing chillers.


Integrated compressor VSD standard with 50% fewer moving parts

Easy access to display and control features via control display access door

Wire and louvered panel options

Optional BAS interface

150-400 TR, 530-1406 kW


Excellent capacity control, high power factor and soft start


Powder-painted steel cabinet with gasket-sealed outer doors

Low-sound options

Optional circuit breaker