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Aermec Precision Air Conditioning R Series

  • The precision air conditioners of the R series are designed for precision air conditioning of technological spaces with In-Rack installation, offering efficient and localised cooling.

     Cooling capacity: 20.00 รท 36.00 kW

     R410A refrigerant

  • The units of the R series are made with the same dimensions as the rack units and have rear intake and front delivery, offering various advantages: the distribution of the treated air takes place near the servers, the horizontal intake and delivery does not change the direction of the flow to the inside of the machine, reducing pressure drops and consumption by the fans, and maintenance is easy thanks to front accessibility. The direct expansion RXA version has, as standard, the DC brushless inverter compressor and can be air condensed with the provided remote condenser, or water condensed. The RXU version is also available, with a chilled water coil. The R series can be configured with the Two Sources system with two distinct means of cooling, or with the free cooling system, which maximises energy savings. Advanced microprocessor electronic regulation unit for control of the unit, with the RS485 card as standard.